How It Works

It is super easy to use AirTrik for iot communication management.

Sign Up

Create an account at AirTrik (choose a plan based on your requirement)

Create App and Device

After signup go to AirTrik panel and create App and devices according to need and grab the app secret key and device id from there.

Integrate with your device

Integrate the secret and device id with your physical device and software platform you build using sdk provided

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AirTrik

AirTrik is an iot networking platform which you can use to connect your physical device to another physical device or user interface you have built for your customers.

How to use AirTrik

Create an account on AirTrik go to Panel create app and devices. Use the created credentials to communicate with the devices with the help of SDK provided.

Can I use AirTrik for commercial projects

Yes AirTrik can be easily integrated and scaled for the commercial IOT projects.

How to get support?

Got the support page from menu raise a ticket we will then connect with you and resolve all your problems.


AirTrik Supported Languages and platforms

We support all the major language and platforms